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Team Captain Roles and Responsibilities

Welcome Team Captains,

As a team captain it is your responsibility to relay all important information to your team.  This includes schedule changes, league updates, and team issues.

We are a league that started in 2016 playing sports for fun in St. Albert. We play all sports with the spirit of the game in mind at all times. Players need to commit to calling their own fowls and participating with 100% sportsman like skills at all times. There are no referees! Your team needs to appoint a team captain, unless this is going to be you!! Below are the responsibilities... 


Team Captains, have a few roles: 


  • They are the representatives for the their teams, when dealing with disputes over sport conflicts or rules. We absolutely never want an argument to break out between teams, as such the team Captain will act as the liaison and come to an understanding with the other team Captain to settle any conflicts. We do encourage team Captains to take some time at 1/2 to talk to the other team and ensure that everyone is working well together. 

  • The team Captain needs to ensure that there is always enough players to field a team. Organizing enough players is very important as there is another team waiting to play and space has been booked and paid for.  

  • Team Captains will register as a team, as such paying one team fee to SASR 

  • Communication to your team comes from you the team Captain, emails from SASR ( St. Albert Sport and Rec)  will be sent to you, and you can then distribute among your team. Rules for each sport need to be distributed to the players.

  • Ensure that all Sub players have completed a waiver and paid a one time $10 insurance fee to participate. Subs are permitted when your team has less than 8 players. Sub players need to be informed of the SASR philosophy, FUN first, there is no prize for 1st place, we do not keep score! 

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