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St. Albert Sport and Rec is back for the 2023 season! 

General Rules

  1. You must have a team of at least 6 players ready to play at the scheduled time. There is another team counting on you! As well as facilities are booked and paid for.

  2. You can bring a sub for a $10 insurance fee if the team has less than 8 players. Waiver needs to be completed. 

  3. Review the weekly rules, watch the Youtube videos, do your part to familiarize yourself with the game you’re scheduled to play.

  4. Team Captains will meet at any time and resolve any concerns with rules, sportsmanship etc. Call a time out if needed to resolve issues.

  5. Each player needs to call their own fouls. We do NOT have referees!

  6. FUN! Are you having fun? Is the other team having fun?

  7. Children are permitted to be at the Rugby Club but are not allowed on the fields.

  8. Take time to warm up! Your body will thank you!

  9. Play within your limits! We really don’t want any injuries and we all have Jobs on Monday morning!!

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