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Hand Ball

The Rules

This  is a new sport that we have added to  our  Sunday nights and will be new to almost all players.  Handball  is played  indoor and on the field.  We have modified  the traditional  rules to fit with  our  league.


7 players  on the field  including  1  goalie


To start  the  game:  winner  of rock paper  scissors  starts  with  the  ball  and passes  to a player  and moves  the ball  up the field  to score  a goal.


A goal  is  scored when  the entire ball  has bounced at least once before crossing the goal line  into the net.  Bouncing  on the goal  line does not count.  A  goal  counts for one point.  A player can jump into  the crease to  throw a ball on goal  but must throw the ball  before they land.


After a successful goal, the team  that was scored against becomes the offensive team and can immediately go on offense -play  resumes.



The Goalie is the only person permitted in the crease. He must remain within the crease at all times.


Ball  Handling:

Player may take 3 steps with the ball. Then they can dribble ( 3 dribble max ) then the player is permitted 3 additional steps. At this point the player must pass or shoot the ball.  Also the player may only stand still for 3 seconds then must try to advance the ball.

Player  may  use  their  hands  (open  or  closed)  to  throw,  catch,  stop,  push  or  hit  the  ball. Arms, head, torso, thighs, and knees  may also  be used.


The use of a foot or  leg  below the  knee  is not permitted.


If there  is  a  loose  ball  the  first  player  to  the  ball  will  get  possession  there will  be  no diving on  the  ball.

Players will not  be permitted to:

•    Hit the  ball out of  the hands of an opponent.

•    Physically force away an opponent with  arms, hands or  legs.

•    Hold or  restrain, push,  run, or jump into an opponent.

•    Endanger an opponent with  or without the ball.

•    Touch the ball  in  the crease

•    If you are  playing  defense;  one arm's length  must be between you and the player you are  defending.  Tumovers will  be made through  interceptions.

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