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Flag Football

The Rules

Flag Football for Beginners!

There are ton of rules for this sport, so I have pulled some top one’s for you to review.


This is going to be an introduction into this sport, we have a few players that are familiar with the game, but over 80% have never played before. Please keep this in mind at all times, be the best sportsman you can be! 


Please read the following rules, and maybe watch a video or 2 on this sport.

  1. Non-Contact, there will be no contact permitted at all!  - This includes blocking, pushing, or physical contact, pulling on shirts, instead of flags. You cannot run interference. Only the flag is to be touched. 

  2. Flags are to be attached with the belt provided and worn on top of your shirt easily accessible. 

  3. 5 players 2, girls. A girl must have contact with the ball in 2 of the 4 downs. 

  4. Ball needs to be put into play 30 seconds after huddle.

  5. Quarterback has 10 steamboats to throw the ball ( must be counted out loud so quarterback can here ).

  6. Quarterback can run with the ball after the 10 seconds.

  7. Quarterback can hand-off the ball.

  8. Only the quarterback can throw the ball forward, others can throw the ball laterally underhanded.

  9. 4 DOWNS to score a touchdown ( you can kick on the 4th down )

  10. If defense intercepts the ball, they become offence after the play ends. 

  11. Ball becomes dead if a player runs out of bounds, a flag is missing from their belt, or if the ball touches the ground ( no Fumbles ) play resumes from that location.

  12. If you gain possession at your end-zone you are permitted to move out to the 20 yard line for your first down.

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