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Darts - Cricket

The Rules

The gameplay is simple to learn, but can take a while to master.  That’s why cricket is so popular with both novices and players of advanced skill.

  • The only spaces on the dart board that count in cricket are the numbers 20-15 and the bullseye, and you have to hit each of those spaces 3 times in order to close it out.

  • When you hit one of the numbers or the bullseye during your turn, mark the board in the corresponding team and number square with a X. Three X’s and that number is closed out.

  • The double and triple options for each number apply in cricket as well.  The outer ring of a number on a standard dartboard is worth double the number. If you hit the outside ring of one of the numbers in play, it counts as if you’ve hit it twice.  Example, if you have already hit the 18 once, and then you hit a double 18, you can mark three XXX, and 18s will be closed out.  The inner ring on each number is worth triple.  Same situation with the double, only you get to count it as if you’ve hit that particular number 3 times.  The bullseye has an inner ring as well, and that’s worth 2 bullseyes, however, there is no spot on the dart board that will give you 3 bullseyes with one throw.  The triple bullseyes is the unicorn of darts: It doesn’t exist.

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