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The Rules

We have multiple players with different skill levels. Some people have never played this sport before, as such; we need to keep that in mind. 

St. Albert Sport and Rec is by no means a serious competitive place to play. We have members who have never played before, or haven't in years. 

Our goal is Fun and Fitness First. No injuries and safe play. We don't want anyone getting hurt. If an opponent tells you, you are playing too hard, or too competitive, listen and make an effort to slow it down. 


Here are the most important rules. 

  1. There is NO jump Ball throughout the game, whoever has possession keeps it. There will be no stealing out of hands. That minimizes people grabbing and contact in the game. 

  2. We are playing man on man defense, pick up a player. You cannot have 3 players covering 1 man. 

  3. NO 1/2 court press, after each point, teams back off to their court 

  4.  Rebounding is OK, taller people need to be safe and smart, give space, no pushing in the key. 

  5. Spirit of the game, if your team is crushing the other team. Make it your goal to pass the ball and have every team member score a basket. We want everyone to have fun. 

  6. Fouls, if you foul someone, you now go to your bench and can rotate back on later. This is how we keep the pace of the game mellow, and keep the competition at a fun level. 

  7. We encourage you, if you’re unhappy with the way things are going, take a time out, discuss the issue, restart. If you feel someone is playing to rough, again, tell the team captain. 

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